Following her graduation from the private and prestigeous Centro Escolar University in Manila, Philippines, majoring in all forms of classical dances as well as in Hawaiian Hula Siony commenced her teaching career in Manila as a physical education teacher and a Hawaiian Hula instructor. In 1973 she immigrated to Toronto, Canada and continued her teaching career. Subsequently, she left for Hawaii, where she honed her dancing skills further by studying Hawaiian Hula under some of Hawaii's greatest contemporary Hula Grand Masters.
It is here, Siony first began to toy with idea of opening her own dance school. Eventually, concept turned into reality. Enthusiastic students soon discovered, dance was an excellent medium to maintain health and fitness along with acquiring grace and poise as Siony's Dance Company opened for business. Gradually, Siony began to receive numerous offers to perform live. In response to this ever increasing demand for live performances, Siony formed a separate wing to function under the Siony's Dance Company umbrella called the Kawahines Hawaiian & Tahitian Dancers. Soon, they found themselves in great demand performing frequently on both sides of the border.
Shortly thereafter, numerous offers from various television networks poured in providing additional exposure and delighting audiences in Canada and United States. In recognition of Siony's Dance Company's contribution to Canadian multiculturalism Siony was inducted into the top one hundred most outstanding Philippino Canadians during a gala event at Queen's Park in 1999 and awarded a Certificate of Distinction endorsed by the former president of the Philippines Joseph Ejercito Estrada and the Right Honourable Jean Chretien, former Prime Minister of Canada.
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Siony's come a long way...the legend continues...as for the future...stay tuned.
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